They generally affect all kinds of lodging.

Upon receipt at the campground of the reservation request form correctly filled out, campground management will initiate the procedures to reserve a site or bungalow for the requested number of persons.

Once the availability of a site or bungalow is confirmed, the Reservations Department will notify the acceptance or denial of the same. If the response is affirmative, the arrangements will be considered “provisional”. The applicant will be informed in the notification to make payment of the amount corresponding to the “Reservation Deposit”.

The amount of the Reservation Deposit will be 50% of the total invoice amount (VAT included) for camping and bungalows, except for reservations that are considered for “EVENTS”, which will be 100%.

Once the acceptance notification is received, the customer has a period of 72 hours to make the Reservation Deposit. Once that period ends, the Reservations Department shall be released from the “provisional” reservation commitment. In other words, all reservations procedures are “cancelled”.

Once the stated deposit amount is received by the campground, the customer will be notified of a confirmed reservation, which reservation is now considered “final”.

The selection of the estimated prices made on the Campground’s WEB Page is provisional by nature, given that this option odes not consider all concepts of the current rate. Other, optional concepts will be settled in the final bill.

The reservation is personal and non-transferable, which includes the companions of the reservation holder. Any substitution must be approved by the Reservations Department and always prior to arrival at the campground. Considering that acceptance is given according to certain information, the failure of the same to be correct upon arrival at the campground would release management from the reservation commitment.

The incorrect and intentional completion of the particular data of the on-line reservation application form shall mean the cancellation of the reservation. For economic purposes, it would therefore be considered a “cancelled reservation.”

A reservation is guaranteed as from 14,00 hours on the arrival day and up 12,00 hours on the departure day. Any delay in the time and/or date of arrival shall be communicated, otherwise once 24 hours have elapsed, the reservation shall expire, and campground management shall have the availability of the reserved site or bungalow. Communication of a delay in the occupancy does not mean any economic compensation or extension of the stay.
A reservation form is for a single time only. The same person may not fill out various applications. “Organised groups” shall contact the Reservations Department.

Reservation cancellation (penalty-refund).
Up to 20 days prior 20% (refund of 80%)
Up to 8 days prior 50% (refund of 50%)
Up to 7 days prior 100% (refund of 0%)

A date change is likewise considered a “Reservation Cancellation.”

Suspension of a stay before the forecasted departure date shall not give rise to any economic return as regards any pending days. Any other criteria in favour of the customer shall be at management’s discretion.

The formalization of a reservation presupposes acceptance by the customer of all General and Specific Reservation Rules, as well as all Internal Rules of any nature that govern stays at the campground.

DDetailed below are the specific rules that particularly affect each kind of lodging:


The time limit for all reception and occupancy procedures of bungalows is 21,00 hours. All customers who foresee arrivals after this admission time limit must notify this fact and have the approval of the Reception Department. Conversely, occupancy will be provided the following day.

During all reception procedures and before handing over the keys, the total amount of the stay must be paid (the remaining 50%), plus a deposit of €50,00. Payment of the “deposit” can be made “in cash:” or credit cards .

At the end of the stay, the amount left as the deposit will be returned. Nevertheless, any cost due to a loss or breakage of any of the elements of the “Equipment List,” as well as the cost of all damages and/or defects caused due to the improper use of the bungalow and its facilities shall be deducted from the deposit total.

During prolonged stays (various months), payments in advance shall be made on the first day of each month.

During high season, the minimum reservation is 3 days.

All General Internal Rules that regulate stays in the campground are applicable, as well as all other specific rules of the Bungalow Area, among which are the following:

-Pets are not allowed in the interior of the bungalows or in the exterior area of the same. This prohibition likewise includes the interior of vehicles parked in the parking lot.
-The installation of tents or other elements and goods is not allowed in the Bungalow Area.
-All vehicles shall be parked outside of the Bungalow Area, in the parking area next to the same.
-In principle, visits are not allowed in the Bungalow Area. In special cases, if authorized, a customer (visit) will be registered, thereby billing the stay according to the current rates and finalizing the stay before 00,00 hours of the corresponding day.

“Uncontrolled” visits shall be the responsibility of the reservation holder, and will be billed against the reservation deposit. Customers who are registered in the Camping Area (family or friends) shall also be considered as visitors.


The time limit for all reception and occupancy procedures is 23,00 hours. All customers who foresee arrivals after this admission time limit must notify this fact and have the approval of the Reception Department. Conversely, occupancy will be provided the following day.

For prolonged stays, payments shall be made on account against the final bill. These payments shall be made by weeks due. In certain cases, at the discretion of Management, the provisions set forth in the Internal Regulations shall be applied.

The minimum number days to reserve are 8 in July and 10 in August.


Some periods, due to their characteristics of very high occupancy and due to being concentrated over just a few days, will be considered as EVENTS for customers of the Camping Area. Among other aspects, it means the application of billing concepts different from those that are used for the rest of the year. These rules endeavour to cushion and lighten the reception and billing procedures. One of these cases is the Motorcycle Grand Prix of Jerez.

The EVENT billing concept includes a “single price per person and day” 17.00€
This price includes the following:
-the camping unit (tent, trailer…)
-the vehicle (automobile, motorcycle…) and
-the electricity hook-up (if applicable).

The reservation shall cover a minimum of three days included between 22-4-16, and 24-4-16.

The deadline for admitting reservation applications, as well as for modifying reservations already made, will be 31-03-16.

The “reservation deposit,” which is 100% of the forecasted stay in the case of EVENTS, does not presuppose the total bill. In any event, the appropriate final settlement shall be made.

During EVENT periods, upon arrival at the campground and after having formalized all reception procedures, the amount of the total bill shall be paid or settled.

Exceptionally, vehicle access will be allowed into the Camping Area until 01,00 hours of the morning. All subsequent arrivals shall have to park their vehicles in the parking lot of the Camping Area.