The land occupied by the campground is classified as a
Peri-Urban Park.

Development of the land (roads, piping, building locations…) required special treatment, thereby endeavouring to cause the least impact to this coastal pine grove of considerable importance.

The irregular layout of the roads and sites result in a whole that is integrated with nature.

Camping area equipment:

  • 70 to 100 m² sites
  • denoted by markers
  • Power hook-up cabinets (220 V, 5-10 A)
  • Potable water fountains and faucets
  • Armarios CI
  • Etc…

There are several camping areas:

  • In these photos, the main camping area
  • Totally covered in pines and divided into camp sites (38,800 m²).
  • All kinds of camping units can be located here: Camping caravans -Motor homes -Tents -Etc…